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    1. 派對Club現場MC喊麥專用麥詞

      2024-03-02 責任編輯:皇族DJ學院 人氣:1058

      Where are you? Let me see your hands 
      followed the DJ followed the b followed MC followed me 
      now everybody the moment you'll be waiting for 
      I the microphone quiet word 
      let go worries make trouble better song in the word c 
      I'll ready for the wrecking b 
      I'll ready for the jump come on baby, play with me.
      Let bud w IM g Bang the Bang, 
      the dawn empty king Kong 
      I'm sure I still I was shing girl. 

      Hey, the party is only just beginning. 
      I want to enjoy dancing and play with me.
      Are you fucking ready to join the party?
      She what guy and James music has won free tonight? 
      You like to play mason fucking noise.
      Turn the party on. Party next door.
      Do what you like to do for feeding for posts with tonight. 
      Win give you power.
      Be yourself. Be yourself. 
      I want to be a dream person. 
      Show international passion. 
      I want to b the whole thing.
      Next we're going down the whole thing. 
      Let city begin to kind. Now gym nine,
      let's get drink with music. 
      Let's play games together. 
      I see to today my friends 
      that not to harm me trouble. 

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